FOOD Venky's Xprs offers a spread of spiced up grilled and roasted dishes for all the chicken lovers

In the eternal battle between who came first, the chicken or the egg, the chicken is winning hands down in the world of fast food. If you are bored of the fried chicken or want to experiment more with chicken, the newly opened Venky's Xprs is offering grilled and roasted chicken platters keeping the Indian palate in mind.

It has an open kitchen where you can see the chicken grilled or roasted on skewers. The LCD screens overhead the kitchen counter projects the menu and manages to lure the customers with the images of the chicken. Bright lights and white table top counters adds to the ambience making it a nice and casual hang out for the youngsters. The USP of the restaurant is that the chicken is not fried but it is either grilled or roasted. The chicken samosa will remind you of the tiny onion samosa especially popular in the Old City. You can pop these samosas after lapping it some spicy schezwan sauce. The combination does sound a little strange but is definitely tasty. The chicken hariyali kebabs are light as the flavours of the spices are kept subtle. The chicken popcorn will not be a disappointment as you can actually taste the chicken and makes a good snack if you are in a hurry. Different combos and platters are available if you are interested for a proper meal.

Garlic and pepper roasted chicken is quite popular among most customers as the spices don't override the taste of the chicken. Tandoori roast chicken and grilled burgers are also available on the menu. Tender grilled chicken satays are quite a delight which has a healthy balance of chicken and spices. It is served with a masala bread and you can even indulge yourself with a mayonnaise dip as well. The vegetarians need not fret, as there is vegetable burger, cheese shots and potato wedges on offer.

As the name suggests, the orders are served fast and the prices are pocket friendly, so the students will not feel the pinch. There are two outlets of Venky's Xprs, in Road No. 1, Banjara Hills and Madhapur.