When the Oktoberfest starts on September 21, Munich will be packed. If you decide to join in the beer tent fun, you will find that hotel rooms can be very expensive — provided they are available.

An alternative can be renting a room or apartment privately. Students are happy to clear out of hostel rooms to make some extra cash. You can make such private deals on the Internet using platforms such as AirBNB, 9flats.com and WG-Gesucht.de. A weekend for two with two overnight stays can start at 50 euros ($65). But most prices are much steeper. It is advisable not to be too hasty. There is also one of Munich’s several camping grounds. At some of these, it’s possible to rent tents, caravans and dormitory containers.

Find out more from www.muenchen.de/int/en/events/oktoberfest.html