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Life is a discovery for Khushboo
Life is a discovery for Khushboo

Khushboo on life and stardom

Basking in familial bliss for some years, gorgeous Khushboo is mulling a return to films. Over a cuppa, the relaxed and contented actress reveals that she is playing a sister's role in the Telugu Chiranjeevi starrer Stalin. How do you handle this adulation even after 20 years in films? It's been a long time and equally a hard journey. I firmly believe that what ever goes down comes up some day. I have seen the peak and also the pit, being thrown out of five big projects on one day. So when people remind me of my temple, fan following it doesn't get into me. I'm addicted to work and my daughters help me remain grounded. Also I remind myself that my upbringing is absolutely middle class and my dad abandoned me when I was 16. We didn't have a shelter or a soul to befriend. I just had a few Telugu films on hand. I had to take care of my mum and my three brothers. At that stage, my confidence level was so high that nothing or nobody could intimidate me."How come you court controversy so often? I think we both go hand in hand. I trust people easily and I hate hypocrisy. I loathe liars. If I feel something is right I will do it. I'm content today because of my mistakes ."Would you tell us more about your family?I'm a best friend to my daughters aged six and three; the first one is as tall as me and on the heavier side. The younger one is slightly like me - a chatterbox. I dated Sunder for six years before marrying him so wanted to be at home for sometime. Now I have my production company. In between all this my kids help me preserve my sanity. I never work after six.Y. SUNITA CHOWDHARY




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