Dig into the mouth-watering seafood delicacies

Seafood lovers can now stop cribbing about the non-availability of its variety in our Biriyani crazy city. Seer fish, Lady fish, crabs, octopus, scampi, baracude, red snapper, squid, lobster, Emperor…the list is endless.

And the place to try them is at the ongoing seafood festival at the Square, Novotel, Hitec City.


Executive Chef, G. Mutthukumar has taken special care to offer different ways to marinate the sea food.

One can choose from Guntur style chilli, Cajun, Thai Red Curry and finally the lemon juice salt pepper marination.

While the lemon juice salt and pepper marination goes well if you want your fish fried or in the barbeque style, the Thai red curry marination is an awesome pick for prawns, white pomfret and mackerel.

For the fried options, go for the Guntur chilli marination. Crab lovers must try the butter parsley crab.

Types of cooking

Square is mainly offering four types of cooking options in seafood — barbeque, grill, tandoor, charcoal grilled and tawa-shallow fried.

Squids on tawa shallow fry is a good bet to try with drinks and so is lady fish and baby shark. For lobsters, go for barbeque or tandoor style.


Depending on your preference for sweet and hot sauces you have eight choices to pick from.

There is marinara, barbeque, lemon butter caper sauce, mint chutney, tartan sauce and mustard dressing and fruit salsa.

Cooking seafood and freshness check

*When cooking prawns make sure they are de-veined. This reduces the chance of upsetting your stomach.

*The only guarantee to freshness of shellfish is buying them live. (Microbiological production in fastest in shellfish. Any amount of boiling the dead shellfish cannot sanitise them completely)

*Seafish is odourless, if they stink drop the idea of purchasing it. *To check for the freshness of the seafish, hold it in your hand and toss or throw it on the ground, if it bounces like blubber, it is fresh. If it falls flat, it is not.

*Fishes with red eyes are not fresh. A fresh fish eyes will resemble a bull’s eye. *Buy sea fish with it original colour.

*The gills of fishes should be red, or pink.

*Press a fish slightly with your finger, if the flesh doesn’t spring up, the fish is stale.

*If a cooked flaky fish doesn’t have the springiness don’t eat it.

* Prawns shouldn’t be cooked for more than 1 1/2 minute.