Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has been granted interim bail by the Supreme Court, following a six-year imprisonment term for his involvement with the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts by the TADA Court. Salman Khan who was held guilty under the Wildlife Protection Act for poaching was granted bail. And that’s not all – in a hit and run case he ran over four street-dwellers sleeping on a pavement, killing one. ‘Tiger Pataudi’, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre were involved in poaching and got away. Money can buy them anything – something which they seem to have no dearth of.

Fans demand their releases, expecting them to be given five-star-treatment and hailing them as ‘untouchable’ demi-gods. And some have influential connections – whether it is in the underworld or the world of politics. At the recent Jessica Lall case, the media went gung-ho about “justice for all” and patted themselves on the back when Manu Sharma, son of a powerful politician was sentenced to life-imprisonment in December 2006.

But what is happening now? It looks like justice is not for all…

Even though Sanjay Dutt was involved in the bomb blasts that rocked Mumbai, he is from a rich and influential family. The judicial system came to a decision without treating him like an ordinary man. This should not have happened.

Madhu KiranSales manager

Celebrities should be treated as like everybody else. In fact, they should not be treated any better or worse or given any special privileges. The system is fickle and this case has been publicised just because he is a celebrity. It will soon die a quiet death in the media.

Anita AshokFreelancer

It’s great to see Sanjay Dutt back from jail. Now, he can continue with his work and return to make all the entertaining movies. He has already suffered a lot for a long time. He has paid for his mistakes. Now, he rightly needs and deserves this freedom.


Sanjay Dutt was involved with smuggling and underworld dons and other illegal activities. He is guilty under law. And the law should take it s course. His sister is an MP and so was his father. He should not have given bail as it is simply not right and justifiable.

Mohammad AnsarCivil contractor