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PREVIEW Art is a celebration of life for Amrita Paintal, who even photographs flowers to paint them later

Artist Amrita Paintal describes her latest exhibition, “Maiden Overture of a Reluctant Engineer”, as the “journey of an NRI”.

The exhibition, which opens today at the Renaissance Gallerie, showcases her journey as an artist spanning over two decades through her paintings in different media including oils and pastels.

Museums inspire her

“This is what I have experienced, valued, acknowledged, learnt and integrated into my life so far,” says Amrita, who moved back to India in 2009 after two decades in America.

Her works have been deeply influenced by her travels to museums around the world. She found herself deeply responsive to works by artists Chagall in Nice, Roerich in Manali, Van Gogh in Amsterdam and Picasso in Barcelona.

She also finds herself inspired by people, especially her family and friends, whom she is drawn to paint.

“One of the most significant moments in my life was the birth of my son. I felt as though I was born to be a mother.”

Amrita also finds herself highly inspired by nature. “I like gazing at the sky and the clouds and knowing that the sky is the same everywhere around the world. I even photograph the flowers in my garden so that I can paint them later. I want to paint everyone and everything; I’m basically celebrating life through my works.”

Amrita has previously exhibited her works at the Rotary Club conducted by Pratibimba. She was also invited to participate in a live painting event organized by Artville. She has also worked as a Program Coordinator at Art Connect.

“Maiden Overture of a Reluctant Engineer” will be on display until November 30 at the Renaissance Gallerie, 104, West Minister, 13, Cunningham Road. For details, contact 22202232.





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