EVENT Orthic Creative Centre will host an exhibition on January 15 to honour veteran artist K.C.S. Panicker

Alittle away from the Nanappa Art Gallery, an artists’ workshop is in progress. Amid a swirl of paints, people, brushes and easels, artists are giving life to the theme ‘12.12.12’. At noon, the works are in various stages of completion. Manoj Mathasseril picked the ‘night’ as his muse. Bindi Rajagopal’s canvas has a structure resembling a lighthouse, done on a grey background. Senior artist Jeevan Lal’s canvas is a splash of ochre, orange and bright yellow.

The Orthic Creative Centre’s one-day artists’ camp is not new to the art fraternity in Kochi. Last year and the year before (11.11.11 and 10.10.10 respectively), the centre had organised similar camps.

This year, the centre plans to hold an exhibition on January 15, 2013, in honour of veteran artist K.C.S. Panicker. “It is his 36th death anniversary and as a tribute, we plan to have 36 paintings for the exhibition—12 from veterans, 12 from established artists and 12 more from young artists,” says T. Kaladharan, founder of Orthic Creative Centre.