EATING OUT The newly launched lounge and bistro, Beluga, at Greater Kailash Part II, has some interesting caviar and seafood options

My never ending love for seafood pushed me to visit the newly launched lounge and bistro in New Delhi’s Greater Kailash Part II Main Market the other day. Somehow, the name of the bistro, ‘Beluga’, inspired from the most exotic caviar in the world, got me in.

Beluga is spread across three levels — a café, a lounge and a sitting arrangement spread out on a terrace. The café is decorated in orange and blue telling the story of Beluga in painted adjectives and serving a melange of exquisite dishes from many international cuisines and yes, caviar. I decided to sit on the terrace and as the air was a bit nippy I opted for a soup first. Chef Tara Joshi served me the Beluga tomato soup. It had smooth texture and tasted delicious. Barley caviars used in the broth blended well with the vegetable pearls. Beluga offers some other interesting soup combinations as well. Creme De Volaille Princess, made with cream of chicken with apple, seemed tempting.

My next course was a refreshing smoked chicken with vegetable spaghetti. The chicken had the perfect earthen aroma. Rather an unusual combination of smoked chicken and kasundi mustard mayo worked well.

For the main course, I put my finger on prawn tempura and grilled scallops. The dish was presented beautifully but lacked the spark somehow. Prawns had a nice crust but they were rather bland for my taste. I would have liked the accompanying sauce to be used as a marinade.

Next on my table was Queen of Clubs. It turned out to be a top class corn tortilla wrap filled with a melange of grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, tomato pico de galo and jalapenos with mayo, blended with a subtle sweetness of corn — awesome.

I would suggest the caviar lovers to definitely try the Beluga caviar platter. It’s served traditionally with its accompaniments like bilnis, chopped egg yolk, crème fraiche, chives and chopped onions. It is beautiful to see the caviar spoons placed on ice. Beluga also has some tasty pastas, pizzas and burgers. The Beluga salmon sandwhich in bagel needs a special mention. The caviar comes placed on top of smoked salmon, worth trying. I also tried out its roasted duck breast, felt it lacked a bit on the marination time. Flavours of the marinade didn’t reach its core.

Leaving the Italian Tiramisu, one of my favourite desserts, I opted for the Turkish import, baklava. I have always loved baklava for how well it mixes the subtle sweetness of honey with the richness of nuts and pistachios placed between layers of filo pastry. It’s really an art to make a good baklava and Chef Joshi was close enough to make it to perfection.

Meal for two — Rs.1500