Caught nagging?

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A COMMON PROBLEM Not just women, sometimes men too nag
A COMMON PROBLEM Not just women, sometimes men too nag

Why do men nag? Isn't it time to move on?

We live in a silly little world, with so many reasons for us to nag our friends when we meet them at the end of the day. It's funny, how we nag. And God forbid, if there's been a break-up (after all, this is a column about relationships), the nagging would be heard so far away that even God would take a vacation. But it's at that moment you will notice (if you do pause and notice, rather than drift away into your own little dreamland with 500 words a minute being thrown at your face) that it's not women who do the nagging; it's the men. Women have a history of this condition. But when it comes to a relationship, they know what they want, and believe me, so does half the world because she'll talk to everybody as long as you're going around, about everything - good, bad, solutions, alternatives and even baby names. But the moment she breaks up, it mostly stops, and if anyone asks her the latest news about you, the reply would be either, "Fine." Or the traditional, "I wouldn't know, we broke up."

God of nagging

But that's the time you'll find the men drinking extra, crying and mostly (if it was serious) plotting loudly all the different ways to execute his former girlfriend (publicly). He then becomes the God of Nagging, if there ever was one. So even though this is supposed to be a big male secret (which everyone already knows), I'm sparing no stops, because if you've ever gone through this and you're a man, then this one's for you. For, next week, we'll go after the women because they probably caused the break-up in the first place, right? Now, it's fine that at this time we men nag and plot and plan, and whatever we say will either have true meaning or weird facts.

Give love a chance

But this one is for all those who never come out of that void, and can go on for years about how their ex should never deserve a life at all. For you know that by becoming this depressed person, you're not only killing any chance of ever being normal again, you're also scaring away any woman who you could probably be happier with. So put your clothes on, stop being a sissy, and be a man. For all my male friends, life moves on, and I'm out of the Nag Club (even though at this time I seem like the president). (Send in your queries to




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