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TrendWhat better way to treat yourself in this scorching heat than indulging in ice creams, asksPRABALIKA M. BORAH

Nothing like finishing a meal with a generous scoop of our favourite ice cream. And more often than not mention of dessert brings colourful images of ice cream to our mind. Choice of flavours might differ but no one refuses an ice cream under normal circumstances.

While surveys on ice cream around the world reveal vanilla as the most preferred flavour, there are flavours which are unheard of in India. There are flavours as strange as Pit Viper and Horse meat ice cream.

Available exclusively in Japan, the pit viper is regarded as an aphrodisiac by the Japanese. And that isn't enough to make people stock buckets of this flavour. Its terrible taste makes it hard to fall in love with this ice cream.

If that is inedible there are few edible ones too like the Shark Fin Noodle Ice Cream. It is a tangy white ice cream and is quite popular with shark fin soup lovers. These are mostly available in South-East Asian countries.

It is will be some time before we get our share of the shark fin noodle ice cream. Until then it is the jackfruit ice cream which meets the jackfruit pangs off season. And those who simply can't do without theirpaanafter a meal are more than happy with thepaanice-cream. However, enthusiastic chefs are not resting yet. They are making an effort to offer something different. So, how about beginning with wasabi and goat cheese ice cream? Sounds a little too pungent but lick this concoction and you will be surprised. “Yes, inclusion of wasabi makes it sound pungent and guests do not place that order until they have sampled it,” says chef Gaurav.

Gaurav's experiment with desserts doesn't stop here, he proudly says, “my ‘After Eight' is popular. It is an ice cream made from fennel roots. I am also quite confident of my white wine andajwainflavoured sorbet.”

Hyderabad might be known for its Biryanis and kebabs but it is a still a long way for us to get a slice of spleen and artichoke ice cream which Andrew Zimmern went tasting on his show. We are also miles away from making a bacon maple crunch ice cream which Bob Blumer made on his showGlutton for punishmenton Discovery's TLC. But there is something that is made from the extract of Liquorise and another ice cream familiar to our everyday food — chocolateidlis.

Ice cream places are yet to offer ‘the weirdest' to the cassata-loving Hyderabadis. But the chocolate samosa and applejalebiavailable in a few select restaurants are enough to add the shock factor with a sweet flavour.

Finally when cuisine from Andhra Pradesh is known for its spices it will be a shame not to have a red chilli ice-cream. “It looks like the innocent vanilla ice cream and tastes quite good until you swallow it. You get a spicyzhatka dheereseafter a few seconds,” says Sabeena, an ice cream lover. It is not just the flavours that sound interesting. There are combos too. Ice creams also make for great combos for dessert, thinkQubani ka meethawith vanilla ice cream a signature dessert of Hyderabad, a dollop of melting vanilla with hotjalebisis possibly the best comfort food only second to ebony and ivory—hot walnut browny with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Comfort, they do provide but at times a wrong choice of ice cream can spell doom for the tummy. Practising a little caution while reaching out for your favourite bucket of ice cream can definitely help.

Instead of getting lured at the one-plus-one offer check for expiry date on each tub, brick or cup.




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