Celebrated British bartender Danny Undhammar presented his skills

A few years ago, bartending was perhaps a road less taken. Today, it is one of the more alluring professions. A celebrated bartender, Danny Undhammar from the U.K., recently presented his magical skills at balancingflavours and creatingnovel cocktails. Delhi gulped a few celebrated cocktails, while DJ Whosane kept the floor grooving. Crowned as Bartender of the Year in the U.K., Danny is a brand ambassador for Seagrams. "Delhi is ready to experiment with new ideas and taste. My new innovation of whiskey with mango pulp, a dash of lemon and crushed ice has been really liked by all," he declares. It is not merely about juggling cocktail shakers and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways. It has a lot to do with interpersonal skills. Every bar wants the bartenders to be good listeners and offer a "shoulder to cry on," when required. Remember, every man at a bar has not come to celebrate. He may be suffering from a bad day at work or a huge heartbreak. Good bartenders maintain a steady clientele by remembering the favoured drinks of regulars and by providing useful information. They are sometimes needed to answer a wide variety of questions on topics such as sports trivia, directions, or even the marital status of other patrons! Bartenders also usually serve as the public image of the bar they tend, contributing to and reflecting its atmosphere. Bartending has created a niche for itself in the last few years, but was it tough a few decades back when Danny joined? He replies, "I always had supportive parents. My father could see I was progressing nowhere in my studies, he asked me to go to Britain and do what I always loved, bartending. Today, I am a happy man, waking up every day to do something I enjoy doing."