USP: Close to river Ganga

Sitting by the holy river Ganga atnine in the morning was ameditative experience. One cansit for hours there soaking in theserene ambience but my meditativeencounter with the river lasted foronly a few minutes. We were to leavefor rafting. Surrounded by theShivalik range of the Himalayas onthree sides, the Ganga doesn't flowwildly in these lesser Himalayas but itsurely looks like it's in a hurry to reachits destination.Those who go there looking fornothing else but peace and quiet, canjust stay put at the camps. Theproximity to river Ganga is the bestthing that eco-friendly Sarovar CampsRishikesh offers. The tents in thecamp give a picturesque view of themountains and the Ganga meanderingthrough it. With just 20 tents around,the place has a cosy feel to it. It's one ofthe very few camps where each tenthas an attached bath. "There are a lotof camping activities but what peoplewere not getting was luxury. We havetried to fill in that gap," says CharitDimri, General Manager, SarovarPortico Badrinath. Sarovar CampsRishikesh are operated under SarovarPortico Badrinath.Camps Rishikesh have tied up withthe adventure company Himgangaoffering a host of activities such astrekking, rappelling, river rafting,hot-air ballooning, bungee jumpingand parasailing. We, a bunch of 11,rafted for around 15 km from Shivpurito Muni-Ki-Reti. The ice-cold watersplashing on us from all sides leavingus all drenched; the guide shoutinginstructions and our hearts thumpingwith the fear of falling into the river ifthe raft was to overturn - everythingadded to the chill.The exhilarating experience tookaway the tiredness resulting from theNature trek to Neer Gaddu waterfallswhich we undertook the previous day.Though the trek through the thickforest is hardly a distance of 3-4 km,to some of us, it seemed like aneternity.

Camp manager Manish Dimri's deadpanhumour kept us going. By thetime we reached, some had alreadystarted canyoning in the waterfalls -climbing down from a cliff along asmall stream of the Ganga fallingfrom a height of 30 metres. There wasno way my ailing back could havewithstood that strain so I dipped mylegs into the small pond and merelywatched. Back in the camp, we satbeneath a starlit sky around ashimmering bonfire gorging ondelicious snacks. The spreadcomprising Indian, Chinese,Continental and traditional Garhwalifare in the Al-Fresco bar-be-querestaurant was fabulous. Withconference rooms, projectors andplasma screens, the camp can alsohandle corporate meets.Getting there

Rishikesh lies North of Delhi about 231 km. There are a number of trains that run between Delhi and Haridwar. However, the best bet is the Dehradun Shatabdi which leaves New Delhi Railway station at 6.55 a.m., daily. Get off at Haridwar Railway station and take a cab up to the camps which is around 24 km away from Haridwar. The camps can also arrange for the conveyance. One can fly down to the Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun, from where Rishikesh is just a 20-minute drive. Rishikesh is a five-and-a-half-hour journey by road. For room reservations call 011-26383851-55 and toll free no – 1800111222. Email at

Things to do

Indulge in adventure sport. Visit Neelkanth Mahadev temple, a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the hilltop of Swarag ashram, attend Ganga aarti held on the banks of the river, visit Rajaji National Park. Its Kunao gate is just 6 km from Rishikesh.


Special staypackages, includingall meals, 2stretches of raftingand camp/beachactivities, are validtill September 30,2009.

Single occupancy- 2 nights/3days - Rs. 5,799.

Double occupancy- 2 nights/3days - Rs. 11, 499.