BPOs to software

I want to make a career as a software developer. However, due to the lack of experience, I am not able to find any jobs in the related field. Can I join a BPO and later shift to software?Rajneesh NarayanA BPO stint may not necessarily prepare you for a software job. If you have not been able to get through software interviews because of your technical knowledge or communication skills then perhaps the BPO experience may come in handy. You could also consider joining a BPO as a technical associate and explore options in the technology department. Keep working on your technical skill sets as well as soft skills and soon you would be ready for a transition to a software job.

Repercussions of constant supervision

Our managers expect us to achieve customer satisfaction but we as employees are monitored, timed and controlled to decrease the length of calls and also handle as many customers as possible in a day? This has led to a lot of dissatisfaction in our team.Brijesh NairCall monitoring has to be done in order to find out if an employee is having problems in certain areas. If there are problems, this will give your managers the opportunity to coach and develop the employees. Good coaching, development and training will lead to a decrease in call time. They all go hand in hand so don't get worried as this mechanism is followed to support you and other team members.

List of call centres

Can you provide a list of informative websites on call centres?Rajita ChaudhryThere are several websites that address specific domains, however, in general I would recommend the following websites for reference: www.contactcentreworld.com, www.teleplaza.com, www.callcentre.netwww.supportindustry.com, www.prefsolutions.comwww.callcenterops.com www.callcentres.net

Job profile in BPOs

What are the different kinds of job profiles available to fresh graduates in Call centres? I have done my bachelors in Science and would like to take up a job in a call centre?Sreedhar Multiple opportunities are available for young graduates. You need to take an inventory of your skills, knowledge and interest to choose the right profile. You could join at the front end in operations and move on to the HR department, training, quality or sales depending on your performance and skill sets. I would recommend that you take a look at www.callcenterjobs.com for a list of profiles.SUNDER RAMACHANDRAN

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