Age limit

I am a Science graduate and have also done my M.A in English from Osmania University. I am 45-years-old and interested in joining a BPO particularly the M.T industry. Some people tell me that there is an age restriction and some say that age does not matter. Please tell me what the prospects are for me in BPOs.Mohd Aziz KhanThere is no age limit as such for BPO jobs. Companies would be willing to hire as long as you possess the required skill sets communication skills, typing speed etc. The medical transcription industry is growing at a very healthy pace and you will find a lot of opportunities in that sector. Stop listening to what others have to say and start applying.

Customer service attitude

Can you suggest me how to improve my customer service skill.RajanAs most front-end BPO jobs require handling clients over the phone, you also need to have some `service orientation'. Service aptitude involves learning to see things from others' perspectives. Before giving your opinion on things, respecting others' viewpoints. Practice these simple role plays to improve your service orientation. Arrange this with a friend. Ask him/her to be a customer and take an order for a pizza from him/her. Take his/her feedback as a customer. Be a customer service representative for your telephone service provider and ask your friend to seek help. Take feedback.

Improving Grammar

I am from a Telugu medium background and would like to improve my grammar and English. I am not able to use difficult words when I speak?Durga RaviUse short sentences that is the magic formula to construct grammatically correct sentences. Don't try saying too many things at one go. Break down the information into short, crisp and to-the-point sentences. You are not required to sound complex in your speech to crack a BPO interview; you need to sound simple and comprehendible. Start reading English newspapers, magazines and books. The more you read, the better you get with your vocabulary. It improves grammar too. If possible, read aloud.(If you have any questions, write to