Education assistance

I am a B. Sc final year student and recently received an offer from Infosys BPO, Bangalore. I want to know if I would be able to pursue my P.G there. Shashi Kanth. K Most BPOs have an educational assistance policy that allows you to pursue a post-graduate course of your choice. BPOs have special tie - ups with leading educational institutions and these courses are offered through the distance-learning mode. So, unless you want to pursue a full time post-graduate degree or diploma, the location of work will not become a hurdle.

M.T. training

I want to shift to Hyderabad and join a MT Training and work in an MNC. I would like to know more about this field. G.S BabuMedical transcription is the conversion of free form medical dictation into electronically formatted patient records. The documents you transcribe include history and physical reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, pathology reports, among others. To become a professional medical transcriptionist, you should be an under graduate/graduate/post-graduate/eligible candidate looking for a career change. You should also be fluent in English with good typing speed. This is a growing industry and there are several options available for young professionals. You could start as a medical transcriptionist and move on to become a quality analyst in about a year's time.Change of industriesI have been working in the chemical industry for the last 13 years and would like to shift to a better job now. I would like to become a manager with an MNC. How do I go about changing my industry to call centres? Vijaybabu VenkataYou have not given any details about your job profile in the current organisation. BPOs look for domain specific experience, excellent team management and leadership skills, ability to work under pressure and target driven professionals for managerial jobs. Most BPOs prefer promoting Managers internally or hire candidates with a proven track record in the same industry. It may be difficult to change industries after 13 years however I would encourage you to try interviewing at a few BPOs and demonstrate the value that you can add. (If you have any questions, write to