Moving to BPO

I am a B. Sc graduate and have been working in an educational consultancy for the last five years. I would like to shift to the BPO sector. What are the qualifications required and at what level can I join?Pratibha BomireddyAs you don't have BPO experience, you may have to join at the entry level and than work your way up the ladder. You already have a graduate degree, which is a basic requirement for a BPO job. Brush up your communication skills and diction and apply for BPO jobs. You have not mentioned your key responsibilities in the current job. If you can demonstrate an ability to manage a team of young professionals, leadership skills and are able to motivate your colleagues, you could even try to join as a Team Leader.

A career in training

I am working as an administrative officer. Prior to this, I worked as a customer care executive in a bank. I was also a technician with the Indian Air Force from 1986 to 2004. I have multiple qualifications like PGDHRM and PGDBA. I want to join corporate training.Shankar PrasadThere are many opportunities for trainers in the BPO industry. Most companies have an in-house training department since employees need to be trained in large numbers. You background looks robust and I would recommend that you explore opportunities with the training department of your current employer.

BPO training institute

I run a computer training institute and would like to start training people for BPO jobs as well. What are the basic requirements?A. ShanmugadeviMany BPOs have outsourced their training to consultants and vendors. This coupled with the demand-supply equation in the industry has lead to several institutes coming up in a short time. If you believe that you can make a mark in this domain, you will have to ensure the following:a. Invest in good infrastructure.b. An in-depth understanding of the BPO business and challenges.c. A pool of quality trainers and facilitators.d. Financial strength to market your services.If you can manage these factors, go ahead as there is shortage of manpower and quality training institutes.

Opportunities in BPOs

I am 31 years old and had to discontinue my B. Com due to personal reasons. I've been working in an export-oriented organisation in Europe for the last six years. I can speak good English and have basic knowledge of computers. I am from Vishakapatnam and would like to come back to India and join a call centre. Would my qualification become a hurdle?Vinodh Jhasti Some BPOs hire undergraduates. I would recommend that you enrol in a distance-learning programme and complete your degree when you are back. The lack of educational qualification can become a hurdle in the long run. As you mention that you have knowledge of computers and good communication, finding a job at the entry level should not be difficult.

Sleep problems

I am unable to sleep well because of the shift schedules. I always feeling tired and end up sleeping on calls. Kanchan Tamang Try to maintain a regular sleep cycle even if you are working in shifts. Go to bed and get up at a similar time as this will set your body into a routine, which is important for sound sleep. Also watch out for the logistics in your bedroom, make sure that the room is dark if you are sleeping during the day and properly ventilated. Stay away from caffeine; it's easy to get addicted when you are working at night.(Sunder works with a leading global BPO. If you have any questions, write in to

(Sunder works with a leading global BPO. If you have any questions, write in to