Wrangler has launched the silver shield denim that protects from odour causing bacteria. Silver Shield denim is powered by N9 Pure Silver which protects it against the bacteria and other microbes that cause odour. It is priced at Rs. 2,295 onwards and available at select stores.


Pepe Jeans has launched the classic collection that will serve you from work to the weekend, from the gym to the pub, from office to dinner, with each piece selected for its versatility. Indigo yarn striped T-shirts sit alongside casual, down-filled nylon jackets. Dark green tones, mid-blues, burgundy and mustard provide colour palette highlights. It is available at select stores across the country.


Havells has launched Prolife, an innovative Air Fryer With the new air fryer, consumers can enjoy the delicious fried food without compromising on their health and taste. The air fryer is priced at Rs.14,995 and will also serve as a fabulous gifting option. It uses rapid air technology or hot air which facilitates cooking of deep fried food without using oil. It also allows cooking of two different foods at the same time without mixing the flavours. The air filtration system filters out most of the odours and keeps the house clean. The air fryer is also very efficient. The adjustable thermostat allows users to control the temperature of hot air for different cuisines. It comes with a two litre food basket and a four litre pan capacity that allows preparation of two dishes simultaneously. It is available at exclusive Havells Galaxy stores and select retail outlets.


Kurkure has launched a range of offerings with chilly garlic, chilly saucy, chilly achari and chilly mustard. The combination of chilli with garlic/ achari/ saucy / mustard flavours will add spicy tastes. It is priced from Rs. 5 onwards and is available at stores across the country.


McCain Foods India has launched Indian-style masala fries. The masala fries are crispy fries coated with special Indian-style seasoning comprising of red chilli, garlic powder, onion powder, fenugreek, black and white pepper. It is available nationally in 400 gram pack priced at Rs. 85 and 175 gram trial pack for Rs. 37.


Samsonite has launched the Spin Trunk collection. The eye catching hard-side suitcase boasts amazing functionality without compromising on style by enhancing volume and comfort. The collection offers strength and volume-maximization characteristic with hard side protection and soft side packing proficiently designed to allow travellers to pack smartly. The innovative Volumax 20:80 flip-side translates to a 20 percent light lid for easy lifting and 80 percent maximized base, making this very convenient and easy to pack. It is available in elegant colours like violet and charcoal. It is priced from Rs.15,900 onwards and is available at Samsonite stores across India.