The John Players’ winter collection offers a stylish wardrobe with contemporary cuts and comfortable fits. The range includes a variety of formal classic patterned suits in slim and regular fits in shades of grey, black and beige. It also comprises informal jackets including reversible and fleece jackets. Hand-crafted sweaters and pullovers are available in colours such as green, red and blue. The collection is priced from Rs. 999 onwards and is available at John Players’ stores across the country. is an online shopping store that has launched a range of winter clothing. It comprises and stoles in solid winter brights, patterned weaves and self-textured designs available in an array of bright colours. It also offers stunning jewellery designs and cocktail rings. The Silk Pashmina pieces are simple and elegant, are soft on the skin, and warm for a winter night. Log on to for more information.


LG Electronics has launched the LG Optimus L9 smartphone in India. With a 1 ghz dual-core processor, a 4.7 inch IPS display and a 2150 mAh battery, it is built with a sleek, chic frame of premium metal and claims to have been designed around primary aesthetic elements: modern square style for comfortable grip, floating mass technology for a slimmer look, seamless layout for a more intuitive arrangement of keys, harmonised design contrast utilizing metallic accents and a slim shape. It features Android 4.0 ICS and a gorgeous 4.7-inch IPS display for vivid colours and clear text.

The phone comes loaded with a horde of new features, such as the QuickTranslator app which instantly translates foreign words and phrases into English. The smartphone also features LG’s QuickMemo with powerful note-taking capabilities. The CheeseShutter feature lets users snap photos and take advantage of voice-activated photos. It is priced at Rs. 23,000.


Bhima Jewellers has launched a new diamond collection. The green pieces are inspired by elements from nature – flowers and leaves. Set in 18 carat yellow gold and featuring Zambian emeralds and round, rose cut and marquise diamonds, the green of the emeralds brings the freshness of deep mysterious forests to the jewellery. The Red collection is designed for brides and comprises rich, traditional heritage interlaced with modern and vintage accents. The Blue range represents a range of classic jewellery. Inspired by the dance of the peacocks under a beautiful moonlit night sky, the ancient Indian motif is highlighted by pearls in these pieces. The diamonds from Bhima range comprises complete sets of diamond jewellery, neck pieces, earrings, bangles, rings and a men’s jewellery range. Prices start from Rs.10,000 onwards.


Usha International has launched a range of super-fast storage water heaters. The Verve storage water heater is designed with revolutionary Swirl-Motion Technology that heats water uniformly and keeps it warm for a longer time.

It comes with a vitreous enamel coated tank and heating element that makes it best suited for regions with hard water. Its 8 BAR rating high pressure withstanding capacity makes it ideal for use in high-rise buildings. It is priced from Rs. 6,699 onwards.


Home Décor items are available on It claims to bring a traditional touch of Rajasthan and colourful blend of the contemporary items. For more information, log onto