F evicol has launched an environment friendly synthetic resin adhesive, Fevicol AC Duct King Eco Fresh. The product is all-in-one adhesive suitable for different substrates used for HVAC insulation, and multiple applications in the HVAC insulations. It has exceptional bonding strength and spreads smoothly at room temperature without emitting any toxic fumes. It is an adhesive for AC Duct insulation for residential and industrial projects. The Fevicol AC duct king lag coating is an anti fungal, water based, vapour barrier coating developed for coating canvas/fabric or glass cloth wrapping on AC ducts. It is available at select stores.


R aymond Weil has launched a new range of watches. It has a silver dial and ‘clou de Paris' embellishment, with seconds, minutes and hours displays, rose gold tinted hands. It is available at select stores.


H ugo Green has launched the Green fragrance for men. Blended with notes of clove, rum and sandalwood, it is a casual and sporty fragrance. It is priced from Rs. 2,175 and is available at stores across the country.


F lorsheim has launched a formal range of footwear. It has four styles that are topped by soft calf leather finished uppers with a light-weight outsole that makes it highly durable. Florsheim's Formal Wear Collection is priced at Rs. 3695. It is available at exclusive Florsheim shoe shops and leading retail chains.


S unrise Bath and Kitchen introduces leading luxury tile collections. The new series, namely Arketipo, Fashion and Mettalix, is fuelled by technological innovation. The Arketipo range boasts of an ultra-modern ‘Gres Throughbody Technology' for enhanced applications. The tiles are rectified and available in the size of 600 mm x 300 mm. It is available in three colours — beige, grafite and nero. The price range is Rs. 279 per square foot. The range is available in the size of 2'x1' and priced at Rs. 81 to 91 per square foot for the base colours and Rs. 675 per piece for the Wall Art. The Mettalix range of tiles is available in full size contemporary gold motifs. Available in the size of 2'x1' and priced at Rs. 81 to 91 per square foot for the base colours and Rs. 675 per piece. It is available at Sunrise Bath and Kitchen, 531, Amarjyothi, HSBC layout, Koramangala, Intermediate Ring Road. Call 9164004560 for more information.


K enwood UK has launched a hand blender range, Triblade. The Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender is a multi-tasking gadget. The versatile stick design of the Triblade Hand Blender allows users to blend ingredients inside pots, pans and bowls. The sharp metal blades help chop meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, biscuits and nuts. The masher attachment is perfect for mashing potatoes and other root vegetables quickly. The whisk enables one to whip light ingredients such as egg whites, cream and instant desserts. The hand blender also allows you to create mouth-watering smoothies, milkshakes and sauces with ease. It is available in the price range of Rs. 3,100 to 5,500 and is available at select outlets.


B alan Natural Foods has launched “B Natural” Vegetable Noodles. It is available in varieties such as carrot, beetroot and spinach. The noodles are manufactured without using artificial colours or any preservatives. It is available at select outlets.