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When buying the accessories for your car, you need to be aware of your choices and needs

Once most people buy their car, the next step is to invest in some hardcore accessories to do up the car according to one’s tastes. However, as much as you might want to get the best for your car to look good, beware of buying things that you don’t need and especially buying things that you could actually get for cheaper. Many people rush into buying accessories or buy them from dealers who offer them at high prices. Also, it is important that when you plan the list of your accessories — yes, please make a list so you know exactly what you need –— keep it real and do not be extravagant. The next thing is to do ample research or home work on the things you want. This means, you should look at different brands that sell the product and then make your choice. The after market accessory shops have a variety of products available, so how do you know which to choose and from where? We take you on a step-by-step guide on how to buy smart and buy right.

Security systems

With increasing car thefts, it is advisable to have a sound security system in your car. There are manual and electronic security systems in the market and in the manual variety, steering and gear locks are common. Gearlocks function by locking the car in a particular gear or neutral, whereas with the steering lock the steering wheel cannot be turned. In terms of electrical systems, you can choose from remote central locking systems or even engine immobilisers.

When you decide which system you want, it is better to buy from the dealers and try your best to haggle. Autocop, Blackcat, and Nippon are popular brands and feature systems that allow you to lock and unlock your car using a remote but also sound an alarm if a break-in attempt is detected.

Music systems

This is probably what people spend most time and energy buying as everybody wants a good sound system. The key to getting the best sound is to have a head unit and speakers that complement each other. Therefore, when you buy your system, choose a head unit and listen to the speakers you want attached to this unit and then make a choice depending on which sound you like the best. Blaupunkt, JVC, Pioneer, Sony and Alpine are some reliable brands you could consider. An important thing to remember when installing speakers is to make sure the wiring is done well as this can affect performance.

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are expensive and can cost between Rs. 12,000-60,000 for a set of five. Even though there are a variety of imported brand available, it would be wiser for you to buy an Indian make as these come with a warranty. Aura is a reliable brand. Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD), offset and wheel width are the thing to keep in mind when selecting your alloys.

The Regional Transport Office countrywide has specified limits on transparency of sun control films, so jet-black tints are no longer allowed. Choose the film on the basis of heat rejection and ultraviolet protection. While Garware is a good budget brand, more expensive ones like V-Kool and Llumar are also in the market. Stick to RTO-approved tints for a hassle-free drive and to be totally safe, always check with local authority before installing a sun film. Tints are available for as cheap as Rs. 500 and as expensive as Rs. 12,000.


Powerful headlights are a very important feature of any car and the Xenon lamps that shed bright light are the top choice. Xenons are actually HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps and come with special wiring along with bulbs and electronic ballasts. The Xenon lamps are not cheap and cost over Rs. 15,000. Therefore, beware of cheap Chinese makes that claim to be Xenon and cost little but are not.





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