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Exuberant: Taking a plunge
Exuberant: Taking a plunge

Even after a long gap, SUKANYA CHELLAPPA takes to the pool like a fish to the water

With summer heat on and the merciless sun beating down, I had no two thoughts about a colleague’s suggestion. “Take a plunge (in the pool)”, she proffered and I agreed, instantly.

With enthusiasm running high I first go on a shopping spree and then arrive at Anna Stadium with my newly acquired kit consisting of all the swimming basics, a cap, the suit and goggles. I am ready to go for the splash.

In the change room I strike a friendly conversation with a group of committed parents keen to make their kids class swimmers. They apprise me of the superlative facilities and coaching classes at the stadium that is offered at an extremely reasonable rate around the year.

Passionate children

Coach Sathish, greets me with a smile while giving instructions to the batch of children enrolled for competitive swimming. Seeing the pool teeming with children, all budding Michael Phelps in the making, as they practice their day session with steadfast determination and passion, I feel exuberant.

I confess to Mr. Sathish that I know only free style that I had learnt as a child, swimming in the river when I spent my summer holidays with my grandparents at their village. He reassures me: “Swimming contributes to the holistic well-being of a person as it has fewer side effects and moreover, it can be practiced by any age group. So, it is more than enough to swim in any style as one swims just for the sake of fun and fitness.”

The coach reminds me of some basic general warm-up exercises to increase the functional potential of the body. I dutifully heed his words and do the warm-ups that consist of stretching and flexibility exercises for 10 minutes.

The children mistake me to be one of their batch competitors and joyfully cheer me. “Welcome to the fold”, they shout as I take a dip in the pool. Instantly, good mood takes over as I stay afloat a while.

I slowly start swimming and finish four lbut begin to pant. The coach advises I take it easy. “Relax and enjoy,” he tells me. I pause and resume and with aplomb now, complete another six laps.

Wow, I am elated with my feat. After a long break, I have managed 10 laps for the day. I pat myself as I hear a voice of a parent from the distant. “Bravo, well done”, she screams little realizing how she silently boosted me up.

Now I am all set to take to swimming with a vengeance in the days to come. Afterall that is the best way to bust heat and stay fit.

For more details about the swimming camps held at Anna Stadium, contact Mr. Sathish: 98945-74492




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