Prakriti Pushp believes that the love of a sibling is matchless. He was looking for a pet to adopt when he heard of two rescued 45-day-old puppies that were looking for adoptive homes. The mongrels Chuck and Cookie (who were very attached to each other) were in luck. “I saw their picture in an adoption poster and just fell in love”, says Prakriti. He decided to welcome them both into his family so they would not have to be separated. “Dogs are very joyous creatures – I wanted two so when I’m not at home, they can entertain each other”, he says.

He had his first meeting with the then-miniscule siblings at a coffee shop. Their foster parent Danielle (who helped by vaccinating them and keeping them safe indoors) had brought them in a large cardboard box, to meet their future owner. Prakriti remembers the other customers crowding around the twosome. “The entire cafe went ‘aww’ when they started jumping around”, he laughs. “They’re six months old now. When I look at their first pictures, I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. They’ve developed such distinct personalities – the boy is really naughty and the girl is particularly intelligent. And there’s no tension over their maintenance”.

Being a first-time dog owner, Prakriti found that the most rewarding thing about the experience is their unshakeable loyalty. “They are so attached to me that even when I wake up at 2 a.m. for a glass of water, they follow me all the way and walk back sleepily. Their dependence on me is heart- warming”.

He adds proudly that when his sister Akansha (seen in the picture that he calls ‘Sisterly Affection’) invited her friends over, they too were bowled over by the dogs who now sport sleek fur coats and shiny collars. “When people drop in, they see how nice and well-behaved they are, and any misconceptions they may have had about Indian dogs go away. I’ve had a pretty eventful life, but adopting them is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done”.