EVENT Radio Indigo’s latest offering, Indigo Neon Nights, packs a punch of music and fashion this weekend. Did you get your invite?

Hark! Who said that? Bangalore doesn’t have a night life? Well, it might be a borderline truth but not without redemption. Radio Indigo has a new baby they like to call Indigo Neon Nights, a spanking collaboration of fashion and music. The show has been put together by Kethose Nagi and Shagufta Ahmed who most of us might recognise from the radio.

Kethose, the grey behind the concept blushes, “I started it but we worked as a team. We have established a great connect with the youth through music but fashion has not been explored. With Indigo Neon Nights we are trying to bring it together on one platform.”

The audience can rub shoulders with live music, fashion and glamour all in the lap of the Mariott Hotel, Whitefield.

Indigo Neon Nights is trying to break any set notions you might have of entertainment, “It is either a dance party or a fashion show, and this is going to be different from what you might expect at a party. There is no barrier between the performer and the spectator, the models will be walking in the crowd and the music will sort of keep the tempo and mood. For the youth today music is a big deal and so is fashion and this event is our way of completing what we started,” fills in Shagufta. She quickly assures that they are not talking couture, “It’s high street fashion, the kind that young people in Bangalore are familiar with.”

The event, which will be held on May 11, is a prelude to what is to come, “A model search where the winner will be shuttled directly to supermodel status with the opportunity to walk the ramps of the world and also a DJ hunt where the winner will perform at festivals in Europe and America,” says Kethose.

Indigo associates and engages with a generation that is marked by their low attention spans. To keep them on their toes, the girls say that their presence needs to transcend the air space and touch ground. Keeping the theme and scheme of the night, the event announced DJs Aaron James and Dallas Kandi and models Carol Gracias, Parvathy Ommanakuttan, Indrani Dasgupta and Chanelle from South Africa.

For more details catch up with them on http://www.facebook.com/Indigo919Bangalore