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PLAY IT SAFE Encourage use of sparklers, fountains and floor-circles
PLAY IT SAFE Encourage use of sparklers, fountains and floor-circles

Take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and happy Deepavali

It is that time of the year when rows and rows of lights signify the festival, Deepavali. It signifies luminescence; the light wades through the darkness of ignorance and leads to knowledge and truth. But gradually, we have seen that the festival of lights has been hijacked and it is more of fire and noise. Nevertheless, a few steps should be kept in mind during these celebrations to ensure children and elders celebrate the festival with happiness. Since firecrackers are not toys and burn with high temperature, they should be burnt in open spaces. Children should light them only under the supervision of adults. Trying to light crackers while holding them in hand is asking for trouble. Do not wear synthetic or long-flowing clothes while lighting crackers. The noise can be of high decibels and can cause temporary loss of hearing. It is advisable not to allow children below the age of one and elders above 60, who are at a risk of developing irreversible deafness, near crackers. Encourage use of sparklers, fountains and floor-circles, which are more pleasing and delightful to the eye. The commonest injury that could happen during Deepavali, if the above conditions are not followed, is burns and scalds. Here are a few first-aid methods so that you are safe than sorry. Discern the severity of the incident. If there is redness and pain that is limited to the outer layer of the skin, it is first-degree burn. If there is a formation of blister it falls under the second degree. But if the skin is charred and the burned area is white, the burn has penetrated into the fat and muscle. This condition is called third degree burn. Immediately, the burnt area should be put under running water preferably till the pain subsides. Once it is better, a sterilised gauge should cover the area. In case the adjoining fingers are hurt, they should be wrapped separately. Application of butter, ghee or such things could cause a secondary infection and should be refrained from. The clothing over the burn should be cleared, but if it is sticking to the hurt area it should not be meddled with. If the blisters were broken it would lead to a secondary infection. If your eyes are hurt, they should be continuously washed with water and a physician must be contacted immediately. Cantharis is an excellent remedy, which is of profound use in first and second degree burns as it relieves the pain very well when the mother tincture is applied over the burn. Cantharis taken internally, in the 30 potency, also helps in rapid healing of the burn. If the second degree burns with blisters have formed Causticum helps healing. Arsenic alb, Crotalus hor, Carbolic ac., Secale cor are other remedies which can help healing of the burns depending on the degree, severity and symptoms. All this is to make sure that the festival of lights does not bring darkness in our lives.




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