Indian art, culture and music is being promoted in Brazil by one from Kochi

Brazil, known for its soccer, coffee and carnival, is now being smitten by a strong Indian flavour. And this flavour of Indian spirituality, music, and mantras is fast spreading. Among the handful of Indians engaged in this endeavour is Ananda Jyothi.

This man from the city has been actively engaged in promoting Indian art, culture and music in Brazil. His latest music and video albums have turned huge hits.

Fascinated with Indian philosophy, teachings of Narayana Guru and Nityachaitanya Yati, he took the spiritual road. His journeys to Benares and other holy cities in the North instilled in him a yearning to know more. In between he also learned the tabla. He met Carina, a journalist from Brazil, at the Kumbh Mela and with this his fortunes. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Ananda Jyothi and his family are now fully involved in the propagation of all that is Indian.

“I have made four documentaries, all of them basically on Kerala. Two of them have become very successful. Of this ‘Devi India Divina' has done well in DVD format. It has been telecast in most of the Brazilian channels too,” says Ananda Jyothi who was in the city on his regular vacation and ‘recording for new projects.'

His new audio albums, all of them devotionals or as he says ‘with spiritual dimensions', are also doing quite well. “One of the albums ‘Ma Bhadrakali,' first released in 2004 is now into its 16 {+t} {+h} edition. The rights have been bought by a Brazilian company and it has been released in various other countries. And another album, ‘Cravo da India,' is into its third edition this March.”

All these albums are a fusion of Portuguese and the original Indian language of the hymns and mantras. They are also an aesthetic blend of Brazilian Samba, Indian traditional music, chanting of mantras. There is a mix of typical Brazilian instruments like baixo, calimba with the tabla, sitar and lovely vocals. These albums are complete with a detailed booklet that gives full info on the songs, both in English and Portuguese and the artistes involved.

“I'm now working on another documentary. This will be for the children of Brazil. It will be an attempt to introduce to them Indian culture, music, dance, education. My wife is doing the script and I'll be directing it. Then this month we will be touring the country with my band and will be singing all the songs we have in our albums.”

K. P.