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Colin Handley Hollywood’s ace stunt director shares his experiences

Colin Handley, Hollywood’s ace stunt director, calls himself an action choreographer. Handley, who has worked on action sequences with Hollywood greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Tommy Lee Jones and Van Damme, and for the stunt scenes of popular English serials like “Baywatch” and “Santa Barbara”, was at Marwah Studios, Noida, to share his experience with the students of the Asian Academy Of Film And Television.

Expressing his happiness at the progress in Bollywood towards presenting more of professional action, Handley told the students that one could not expect Hollywood-like stunts yet from our Hindi filmmakers.

“Hollywood has been doing fighting scenes for more than 100 years whereas Bollywood started doing them only about 20 years ago. Action scenes are really good in Hindi films but the sound effects let it down,” he commented.

A nine time Australian full contact taekwondo champion, Handley felt that Indian films “are gaining from collaborations with foreign production units.”

For instance, he said his students were involved in the action scenes of the recently released “Singh is Kinng”.

“‘Krish’, which was shot mostly in Hong Kong and Singapore, hired stunt actors locally, and ‘Singh is Kinng’, most of which was shot in Australia, also hired some people locally to do the stunts. They are my ex-students,” he said. Handley, who started practising taekwondo since the age of seven, is the principal of the Australian Stunt Academy, situated on the country’s Gold Coast.

About some film stars doing their own stunts, he felt, “If they do the action themselves, the scenes will look more realistic, but the dangerous stunts should be avoided. ”

Handley quoted the example of actor Jackie Chan to drive home the point. “In China and Hong Kong, Jackie does all his stunts but in Hollywood he is not allowed to do the dangerous ones.”

Handley who featured in one of Australia’s popular tele-shows, “Neighbours”, signed off saying, “Performing stunts requires a brave heart, mental alertness and above all, specialised skills.”





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