In an attempt to tap the increasing potential of Bollywood dance music, Percept has launched a new concept called BollyBoom festival where Bollywood music will be combined with larger-than-life special effects, graphics, dancers and singers giving it a new twist. It will create a unique live entertainment experience for the Bollywood music fans.

The company has roped in Salim, Suleman, Talat Aziz and Sonu Nigam and the quartet will present its creations this November at an event in New Delhi. Manuj Agarwal, CEO, Percept Live says, “We have 600 million people below the age of 25 years and their need for entertainment is immense. Though the popularity of Bollywood music talent is unquestionable their live concerts are not in the same league of their western counterparts. The reason is scale and packaging, and not talent.”

Salim Merchant agrees and says, “We have seen DJs playing Bollywood music to large groups of people in parties, clubs and discotheques. They use our songs but don’t know how to sing them. What if one of us performs those songs set to electronic music created by us?”

Salim says the youth is tuned to electronic dance music and he and Suleman can cater to that. “We will create original sounds around our popular songs because people need to identify with the lyrics to get hooked to the music.”