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CRACKERS Remain an integral part of celebrations

Hearty Celebrations Photo: B.Velankanni Raj
Hearty Celebrations Photo: B.Velankanni Raj

E lectric lights replaced earthen lamps and SMS and MMS took over the citadel of good old greeting cards. Celebration style has changed vividly over the years. But when it comes to the festival of lights, what remains unchanged are fireworks.

They sizzle, crackle, glitter, burst and people irrespective of age scream and jump in joy. Fireworks are an integral part of Deepavali like sweets and new clothes. Only the varieties vary each year and so does the cost.

This year apparently crackers are in competition from sky shots. People are choosing sky shots over the regular high-sounding bombs and crackers.

Standard Fireworks has put up two retail outlets at Virattipatthu and Iravathanallur with many new varieties like sizzler, money spinner- gold and silver, rainbow torch, Kargil bullets and Happy birthday.

The night series are many and ready to rock the sky. Mumbai By Night, Paris By Night, Sky Blitz and Gold Coins come under the comet section while the planet series includes Jupiter/Venus or Mercury attack. In the parachute category, shelves are stocked with Space Ship, Diamond Dancer, Lovers in Sky.

Anil Fireworks at the open Grounds opposite Tamukkam has come with a dozen new sky shots with fancy names ‘Bold and Beautiful,' ‘King Maker,' ‘Roller Coaster,' and ‘DJ War' to attract prospective customers.

“Pyro Garden variety goes above 120 feet and entertains for two minutes with 15 shots in the night sky. Gone ‘n' 10 amuses for about 15 minutes with 510 shots,” briefs E. Jeeva of Anil Fireworks, adding that people also opt for the soundless ‘Oye, its 100' shots, ‘DDLJ' and ‘Manpasand'.

K. Selvakumar at Sony Fireworks reveals 30 new varieties of sky shots. Children below 12 usually opt for sparklers but some are keen to try the sky shots and for them the right choice is ‘Silver Tails' and ‘Aakash Chakkar'. A new item ‘Sky Lander' moves like a parachute high above the sky and has become a hit.

“I love bursting crackers. Even if expensive, I still go crackers like bombs and rockets,” beams S. Ramesh, with purchases worth Rs.4,000 in hand.

T. Priya, 16, likes only sky shots that give fun in the night sky: “I have enjoyed crackers from age of five so I want to try new things.” Her sister Janani, is against bursting crackers as it not only pollutes environment but also disturbs new born, old and ailing people especially those suffering from breathing and heart problems.

Opinions differ and times also change. But this Deepavali, like the prices the fireworks too will soar up with most people giving a shot to the sky shots, not intimidating but definitely enthralling.


Pyro Garden variety goes above 120 feet and entertains for two minutes with 15 shots in the night sky. Gone ‘n' 10 amuses for about 15 minutes with 510 shots




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