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SNUG FIT Shilpa Shetty: 'Skirts are comfortable and minimal'
SNUG FIT Shilpa Shetty: 'Skirts are comfortable and minimal'

Shilpa Shetty, all oomph and effervescence, discusses skirts, sweaters and minimalism with prashanth g.n.

At times I am self-deprecating. At times I have a great sense of self-esteem. It's so many things at so many times Shilpa Shetty One significant 'B' strikes you when you see Shilpa Shetty. Hmmm... It's better we let that be for the moment. But there's yet another 'B' that you slowly discover as you get talking to her. The woman so full of oomph is also very "bubbly". And she knows that. And this knowing makes her all the more hot.Shilpa is the moment's scorcher. At 30-not-yet-something, she leaves you gaping. Who is to fault those famed legs, flat abs and racy contours? All hidden and not-yet-hidden behind the New York skirt. A fashion store can not find a better ambassador to launch its line. Shilpa Shetty is, indeed, a tight and cosy fit. She's all in place. For the sculpted Shilpa, it was a day of brown. Footwear in brown, skirt brownish, belt in brown, top in brown, time-piece in brown, handbag in brown and the rudraksha that could only have been brown. (And we don't know what else!) Shilpa's brown rush must hint at her fashion and designer inclinations. We don't know how much of fashion she actually likes and knows, but she did say she likes the cut of Tarun Tahiliani and Manish Malhotra among a host of designers. Does she like skirts a lot, you ask straightaway. "I love them!" she gushes. "I've seen everything from skirts to frocks in the movies. They are such a comfortable fit. And so minimal." Shilpa and minimal? What one would give to be her designer! We get a bit serious for a moment. She says there's a pleasant change in Bollywood these days. What's that? "It's more about characters now. It's not only about heroes and heroines. Black is a standout. It didn't have the hero feel to it and yet it was powerful. I think it is a good sign." But then the lady doesn't want to reveal too much - at least not about Bollywood and her assignments. So, we happily shift tempo. What do you like about yourself? "What kind of question is that? You guys have to tell me. You are the ones who make and break us. You're the ones who write."But you tell her that we need to understand personalities, who they are and what they are all about. She concedes a bit. "At times I am self-deprecating. At times I have a great sense of self-esteem. It's so many things at so many times." Self-deprecating? That's a surprise. Does that mean there are times when she thinks she isn't all that beautiful? She laughs heartily. "What kind of a question is that? Anyway, I think I am good." Does she think she is intelligent too? She's all laughter again. "I'll slap you!" (And who minds, even if that hurts?) That's when she decides to change roles. "I think I am going to ask you a question. What colour is your sweater? What colour is you hair?" I answer her like a good boy: "My sweater is blue, my hair is black." Bad luck there's no trace of brown anywhere. But wait, that's the colour of the skin. Lucky match, that!What kind of man stirs you, you ask her. "Stir me?" She laughs. "Now, stir's a fancy word." She's thoughtful for a moment. "No, no one has stirred me yet." Now, did she say that because her mum was sitting next to her? But why worry at 30? Isn't that the time when you are your own person?That's when you ask what her mom thinks of all the heroes she cavorts with. "Now, I'll sock you," she warns. I don't know what a punch from mum would be like. But from Shilpa? Hmmm... Permit me to mull over that.




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