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Booked for the summer

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Get familiar with Krishna and Hanuman

The summer vacation is here and there is a lot for kids to spend time on. Just recently, for instance, author Pooja Pandey has come out with Little Monk’s “Krishna” and “Hanuman” published by Wisdom Tree. The stories in the book are based on the heroic deeds of child Krishna and Hanuman. The language in the stories is plain and yet it has the potential to enhance the vocabulary of children. It tells stories like Kansa’s death by Krishna in a simple yet lucid manner. Commenting on the declining interest of children in reading books, Pooja says, “Now-a-days, half the time children are engaged in watching cartoons channels , instead they should also know what other means of ‘edutainment’ are available for them. Parents should insist children to go through story books and develop the reading habit too. Children are now attracted to animation films like Hanuman and Ghatotkach. This is also a good way of exposing them to mythological stories.”

Pooja has come with a new technique of improving children’s vocabulary. She has used slightly knotty words and has given a glossary in the last few pages of the book so that when kids read it they don’t have to turn to a dictionary to find out the meanings of new words.

The colourful illustrations in the book and free stickers are addition attractions.




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