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Apage on Facebook for Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has over 37000 likes. Suri Cruise is seven! Suri’s Burn Book is a blog that gets over 5,00,000 unique visitors every month, from all over the world. It is a blog that imagines Suri Cruise in a fashion ‘policesque’ avatar with wit and a sense of humour that almost always borders on the snarky. A burn book is a profane book where you describe people you have the utmost distaste for. (The concept stems from the 2004 movie, Mean Girls); the blog is an ironic way to poke fun at the media’s fixation with celebrities and especially their children. Suri Cruise, voiced by Allie Hagan finds great pleasure in critiquing her fellow celebrities and their offspring. Allie says that she thought it would be a funny idea, but never imagined that people still continue to read her blog. “ I thought if I was really lucky, it would be one those Tumblr blogs that makes everyone laugh for two weeks and then fade away, the fact that people still check my blog is crazy to me,” she says.

Allie Hagan used to work in policy at a consulting film in Washington D. C. when she first started her blog where she donned the role of Suri Cruise who would tweet, rant and gossip about other celebrities. The blog is so popular that Allie landed a publishing deal and she wrote Suri's Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary From Hollywood's Little Sweetheart; she now lives in Los Angeles with her dog Freckles! The idea for Suri’s Burn Book (blog) came up when she used to joke mean-tweets about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt or other celebrities and their kids. “A friend suggested I start a tumblr account with these kind of jokes. I knew I had the content knowledge to populate a blog like that. I knew if I wrote it in my voice, I would come across as mean and maybe even creepy. So I decided to write in the voice of Suri Cruise, I couldn’t think of any other celebrity kid being this judgemental,” she laughs. Allie doesn’t go too mean though, “I am really careful about what I write, and there's definitely a line I don't cross, but I can't really articulate what it is. I don't think the blog is too mean. I am very cautious,” she says.

Writing as Suri, she says has become easier over time. “On my blog, Suri Cruise is portrayed as a sassy, sophisticated young celebrity. It’s easy to imagine her that way when you see pictures of her wearing high heels, rolling her eyes at her mom, and scowling at paparazzi. But I think we all know that, at the end of the day, Suri is a six-year-old girl whose whole life is changing, and who is followed to school every day by paparazzi. I don't want to poke at her,” says Allie. “The hardest post I've ever written was actually last week — Suri cut her own hair! The character I portray her as would never get a cheap haircut, let alone take matters into her own hands, so I struggled with what to say,” says Allie.


Who: Allie Hagan

What: Writer of Suri’s Burn Book, a satirical blog in the voice of Suri Cruise that ‘disses’ other celebrity kids and pokes fun at celebrity-child-obsessed tabloids


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