Priyadarshini Publications Society’s book fair is on at VJT Hall, from November 19 to 25 . Apart from an exhibition and sale of books, there will be book releases on all days, literary discussions, cultural programmes and more.

Cultural programmes, on each day, begin at 5 p.m. with ‘kaviyarangu’ – a get-together of the best names in Malayalam poetry (on November 19 it is at 4 p.m.).

This will be followed by events that celebrate the cultural heritage of Kerala. November 19: Dance programme by Gurugopinath Natanagramam (6 p.m.); November 20: Ganamela featuring classic Malayalam film songs (6.30 p.m.); November 21: Staging of plays ‘Thaskaran’ and ‘Shuddhamaddalam’ (6.30 p.m.); November 22: Adivasi cultural fete (6.30 p.m.). Contact: 2721401