Millie Feuille is a traditional French puff pastry that when translated literarily means “thousand leaves”. It often has sweet fillings, but salty fillings work well too. It’s an easy dish to make and really quite enjoyable.

So many dishes happen by accident actually. Take the famous bull’s eye, for instance. It’s the signature dish of the Machan and Yellow Brick Road and I can take credit for its creation! A chocolate cake had accidentally been left in a warm place and it had started to melt. When I saw that – I realised I could make something that was at once moist and melting. Good things don’t just drop from the sky, instead they require time and effort. A good thing is about converting something into your own language and making it work.

Similarly, this simple French pastry is about using fillings that work for you.

Cottage Cheese Millie Feuille


120 gms cottage cheese

2 gms paprika curls

1 ml lemon juice

2 gms basil

1 gm crushed pepper

Salt to taste


For the marinade

In a bowl put chopped basil, crushed pepper, lemon juice and salt and mix. Now add cottage cheese and mix again. Keep aside for one hour. Grill the cottage cheese after marinating. In a non-stick pan, heat olive oil and butter. Add chopped garlic, sauté for a while and add chopped onion. Add organic sprouts, tomato sauce, salt and paprika powder. Cut slice of cottage cheese and layer with the above mixture. Arrange the paprika curls on a plate. Put cottage cheese on it.