Anglo-Indian mutton stew


Mutton: 1 kg

Onions, big: 2

Cubed carrot: One cup

Green peas, shelled: 1/2 cup

Potatoes, cut into

4 pieces: 3

French beans: One cup

Cauliflower florets: One cup or a little more than one cup

Radish, cubed: 1 cup

Turnips, cubed: 1 cup

Green chillies, slit: 4

Tomatoes: 2 or 3

Peppercorns: 10-12

Pepper powder: a pinch

Bay leaves : 2

Cloves: 4 or 5

Cardamom, split: 6

Cinnamon stick, small pieces: 6 or 7

Ginger: 1 whole

Oil: 3 tbsps

Salt to taste

Wheat flour for thickening the gravy (handful)

Vinegar: 2-3 tsp

Ginger-garlic paste (optional)

Coriander leaves: 1 bunch

Mint leaves: 1 bunch

Method: Heat three tablespoons of oil in an empty open cooker vessel. Add all the spices (cloves, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick, peppercorns and the bay leaves) and fry till slightly brown. Then to the fried spices, add the grated ginger or the ginger garlic paste. Now, add the chopped onions and the green chillies. Keep frying till the onions become translucent or turn into a golden brown (without allowing them to char).

Once the onions are fried, add the chopped coriander and mint leaves and pepper powder.

Then add the mutton and fry for a few minutes. Add salt to taste. Pour some water which is sufficient enough to cook the meat and the vegetables. But, try not to overcook the vegetables, as they should be a bit crunchy (first mutton can be put on pressure to cook and then add the vegetables and pressure cook again till done).

Just before removing the dish from the stove, add wheat flour and vinegar and cook for a while till the gravy thickens a little.

This mutton and vegetable stew can be eaten either with bread or with hot rice.


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