How to look your best

F irst impressions are created within seven seconds flat and in this crucial time how you look or appear matters. So why not put your best face forward? This is all about a makeover for women. When it comes to ‘fashion,' there is a perception that Kerala lags behind other States. There is a definitely a tendency to play it safe. So the same person who prefers to dress in a certain way within the borders of Kerala might go for a different look outside the State. It is the sheer freedom of not being judged that makes them willing to experiment with clothes and looks.


A combination of cosmetics can enhance or change your facial features without looking ‘made up' or gaudy. If it is applied with care, make up can hide flaws and imperfections in your features or skin. Make up can also be creative and impressive – a statement of a powerful personality. And with the array of cosmetics available in the market, why not have your own personal style of beauty?


Skin care

Cleaning the face before and after applying make-up is crucial. Pick up a mild cleanser that suits your skin type.


Go for a haircut or style that suits your face and personality. An artistically made up face will not have the desired effect if the hairstyle doesn't go with it. So experiment with cuts and looks and sport a style that accentuates your face and features.

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