EXERCISE Develop your deltoids with these moves


Attach a D-handle to a floor-level pulley of a machine.

Bend forward from waist to about 45 degrees.

Hold the D-handle with your right hand across the body, keeping the left on your thigh for support as shown in the picture.

Lift the handle sidewards until the elbows are raised to the level of your body.

The handle and shoulder will almost be in a straight line, with a very mild bend in the elbows (palms facing the floor).

Hold for a second and return to start point.

Perform the prescribed number of repetitions with the right hand for the right shoulder and repeat the movement for the left.


Swinging action.

Excessive weights.

Using the back muscles to lift the weight.

Straining the neck and trapezius.

Lifting the elbows too far, above the back, as this would squeeze the back muscle and the trapezius.

Lifting the handle too far to the front as it would recruit the front part of the deltoids (shoulder).

Muscles targeted

Rear head of the deltoids.

Who benefits

Sportsmen who use shoulders for pulling, rowing and throwing action.

Persons who intend to strengthen the shoulder.

Those who desire to build a round look to their deltoid.