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TV ‘Weird or What' on Discovery Science delves into the bizarre and the mysterious

D iscovery Science in its new series “Weird or What” investigates all that's mysterious and weird in the world. From medical oddities to mysterious disappearances, from bizarre natural disasters to mystical monster attacks — every story provokes the same reaction — “That's so weird! Is this real?”

Each episode features a real story showcasing people who experience the bizarre, mysterious and unexplainable. “Weird or What” will test different theories, rule out those that don't stand up to the test and then will recreate these mysterious events in the laboratory to corroborate the short-listed theories. These investigations conclude with either a definitive scientific explanation or with a contender theory that is not completely proven.

“Weird or What” provokes the most logical mind to believe in experiences that at times resist logical comprehension.

Some of the incidents covered in the series include how across America domestic pets are becoming harbingers of doom, accurately predicting when someone will die. Then there is one on a child that freezes solid in minus 20 degree Celsius, and is clinically dead for two hours. But she amazingly survives.

The series is telecast on Tuesdays at 8.30 p.m.




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