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Recipe This Christmas, try this easy-to-make beetroot wine

Season's special Beetroot wine
Season's special Beetroot wine

It is that time of the year to start tasting wine... Here is a recipe that makes six-seven bottles.

Beetroot wine


Beetroot – 3 kg

Sugar – 2 1/2 kg

Water – as needed

Cardamom pods – 6

Cloves – 4

Cinnamon – 2 1-inch pieces

Paddy grains – 2 tbsp


Peel the beetroot. Wash well. Chop into small cubes. In a large vessel, place the beetroot and fill it with water that is 2 inches above the surface level of the beets. Boil the beetroot, adding 3 cardamom, 2 cloves and a piece of cinnamon, until soft and cooked. Squeeze the beetroot and strain through a clean muslin cloth. Squeeze the residue and add the residual juice. Keep aside to cool.

In a large utensil, place the sugar and 2 cups of water. Simmer until the sugar melts into a syrup, like honey in texture. Remove from flame. Add the beetroot extract. Stir well. Pour the beetroot juice into a ceramic jar. Add 3 cardamom, 2 cloves and a piece of cinnamon. Wash the rice paddy grains and pat dry. Sprinkle them in the jar. Stir well. Close the jar. You could even cover it with a cloth and string. Every day, open the jar and with a long-handled ladle, stir the contents. Close with a lid and cover with the cloth and string, each time.

Do this for the first 21 days. On the 22nd day, stop the stirring process. Leave, covered and undisturbed for 10-15 days. Pass the wine contents through a muslin cloth. Pour the main wine after keeping at room temperature for two-three hours into bottles that have been washed in hot water and dried the day before.





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