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Beat Street

Skrillex - Bangarang

Virgin Records, Audio CD: Rs. 395

The fourth audio CD of American electronic music producer/DJ Skrillex (Sonny John Moore) was first released as an EP at the end of 2011. Featuring songs that he has previously performed on the Mothership Tour, the album features contributions from artistes like Sirah, Wolfgang Gartner, 12th Planet, Kill the Noise, Ellie Goulding, and the The Doors.

At the very outset, it would be best to warn you that this offering does sound similar to his earlier work and while some would arguably say that's just his signature style, the cynical would be wary.

The opener “Right In” is quintessentially Skrillex. If you've listened to his music before, you can totally predict what this song is going to be like with the wobble bass et al.

That said, “Right In” puts you right in to Skrillex mode.

Next up is the title track feat, “Sirah”. The track is high on energy, sometimes unnecessarily but that's just how Skrillex thinks he holds his listener's attention. “Breakn' a Sweat” featuring The Doors saunters from light Latin jazz percussion to pulverizing bass.

Find your way into “The Devil's Den” which features Wolfgang Gartner. This track has a three-part song progression marked by somewhat addictive grooves.

“Right on Time” featuring 12th Planet and “Kill the Noise” is an eclectic mix of genres from trademark house beats to edgy dub step. The penultimate song is “Kyoto” featuring Sirah again. The calming synths coupled with some Hip Hop beats make for a fairly entertaining listen.

The last track on the album is “Summit” which is far removed from the kind of music Skrillex usually makes. Featuring Ellie Goulding, this is a good ballady piece of electro-pop that tempers Skrillex's signature sound making the track easy on the ear.

While “Bangarang” (the album) continues to use major rudiments of dub step and electro house, it is thankfully musically different from his previous EPs with trance and Hip Hop textures.

Going by the video sharing bug on Facebook, you would think specific songs on the album make for a decent listen.





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