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TIPS Students celebrating Holi
TIPS Students celebrating Holi

Here's some gyan to look presentable for the office after Holi

So you have all the colour on you not forgetting the who's-that-girl look you get when you leave the Holi venue. And what if you have to go back to office and to top it there is an important meeting across the board? Here' some gyan from experts on how to look presentable for office the afternoon after.Oil rules: "Prevention is better than cure. Apply generous baby oil over the body. Wear a scarf on the head after applying hair oil. Shirts or kurtas with full sleeves help. Oil as a base does not allow colour to set in. Apply nail polish so that the nails don't get coloured," says Laila, Begum's. Sun savvy: "Use a good sun block with an SPF of 45 to 50 to avoid damage to your skin. This will not only protect from sun tan but also ensure the colour does not penetrate the skin," says Fariyal Ali, Miracles.Colour me right: Strong chemical based colours are a no no. "Use vegetable colours that don't hold onto the hair and skin," says Fariyal.Oatmeal scrub: And now despite this if you have colour all over, try a body scrub instead of soap. "Take some oatmeal scrub and mix with water. Apply all over and scrub gently. A manicure and pedicure helps in removing the colour," says Laila.Hair care: Colours can dehydrate hair and make them dull for days to come. So what do you do? "Apply conditioner to the mid lengths and tips after you wash your hair. Colouring has to be re done or use a semi permanent colour to get back the tone you were sporting," suggests Laila. A Holi do? Grab those invites and get ready to drench in the colours. And now you know how to get back the presentable look for the office. Happy Holi!SYEDA FARIDA




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