Club and riffs meet on music stands this week

Best of Chris Isaak

Chris Isaak/Warner After chart topping covers, songs that got nominated for Grammy Awards, motion pictures and TV series, Chris Isaak presents a `greatest hits' collection. "I guess I've just always been too busy making records. Plus, it takes a while before you really want to compile everything. But after going through all the songs to make the Best Of, I feel like we have good stuff," he says as he lines up riffs, ballads and acoustic versions, including of his hero Roy Orbison. Find here Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing (Forever Blue) from Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. "The director asked Kidman what music she wanted to rehearse the movie's striptease scene to. Nicole had been listening to the track and brought it in to run through for her rehearsal. Stanley said, `I love it,' and put it in the film," Isaak recalls.

Platinum Collection

Peter Andre/WarnerHe had the Generation Next swaying to his music with his Mysterious Girl, rising from Down Under as the brawny R&B icon. And there was no stopping this crooner after he bagged a recording contract performing Bobby Brown's Don't Be Cruel. After The Long Road Back and The Right Way, Andre was into limelight, this time for his wedding with model Jordan. Currently working on his autobiography as well as new music, Andre brings a collection on his hits till date for now. Lend an ear.

A Lively Mind

Paul Oakenfold/ EMIThink club and Paul Oakenfold comes to mind. His music is in commercials of Coca-Cola, Toyota, Motorola and as also flicks Swordfish, The Matrix Reloaded and Collateral. The current album from the DJ/composer features 12 new songs from the artiste. "I still primarily believe that songs are the way to move forward in my musical world, which has always been very instrument-based. So coming up with great songs takes time. Some of the tracks have been reworked many times over to find a comfortable arena for me. Plus, even though there are 12 tracks on the CD, I've recorded quite a few more. It wasn't a process of seeing what I could come up with and that's what's ended up on the album." Brittany Murphy and Pharrell Williams croon for this cover.SYEDA FARIDA