Riffs meet psychedelia this week on stands

Return Of The Champions

Queen + Paul Rodgers/EMICome March, legends Queen join Paul Rodgers, singer/songwriter of Bad Company, for the Spring 2006 tour of USA and Canada. The 23-date tour that kickstarts on March 3 will make history when some of the greatest rock anthems will be performed live. The compilation that hits the music stores this weekend as a lead up to the tour features anthems from the artistes. The next best experience to being there at the gig.

The Very Best Of

Grateful Dead/WarnerSince 1991 the Dead released numerous live concerts from their archives, From the Vault and the Dick's Picks series (named for the band's late archivist, Dick Latvala) comprising two-track mixes from their recording included. This was followed by multi-disc soundtrack CDs of their shows. And in 2005 the Dead began offering downloadable versions of their Internet-only albums including concerts. This summer make way for the first-ever compilation bringing together the best of their Warner Bros., Grateful Dead Records, and Arista years on a single disc. A treat of the unique and eclectic song writing style and a generous helping of folk music, bluegrass and blues from the American psychedelia-influenced rock band from the 60s.

Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits: The Best Of

Pantera/WarnerYet another retrospective collection, this one from one of the most influential bands of the metal genre, creative and heavy of its kind. Released originally in September 2003 as a compilation of fifteen previously recorded tracks including DVD with twelve music videos, the cover features a mixture of the bands first four studio album titles, starting with Cowboys from Hell, and songs from all of their five studio and live albums. Pantera's cover of Black Sabbath's Hole in the Sky is the only new material on this compilation.

Tales Of a Librarian: The Very Best Of

Tori Amos/WarnerMake way for the first compilation of hits from her multi-platinum catalogue, remixed and remastered. Tori Amos' sixteen of her most popular songs, two re-recorded rarities and two brand-new tracks can be heard here for the very first time. Plus a bonus DVD featuring three newly filmed live songs and two remixed 5.1 audio tracks. Inarguably the first-ever definitive Tori Amos collection.SYEDA FARIDA