Angelique Kidjo – Djin Djin

Virgin Records, CD, Rs. 395

Ten albums in 17 years, not counting the Grammys, is an achievement in itself and for Angelique Kidjo, it’s just a walk in the park. Her latest opus, Djin Djin, which is the sound of a bell in Africa that is used to greet a new day, is a celebration that brings together the sounds of Africa, the Caribbean, a whole lot of reggae and even a little bit of Country styling to make up a great album for world music fans.

Artistes like Joss Stone, Carlos Santana, Josh Groban, Alicia Keyes, Malian musician-couple Amadou and Mariam, Ziggy Marley and Peter Gabriel’s return to music after six years, and all fit in perfectly into Kidjo’s music.

The album starts of with “Ae Ae”, a fun-filled track that is predominantly Caribbean, with a festive, almost carnival sound to it. The title track “Djin Djin” comes in second and is mellower than the first track, yet it is melodious, almost jazz-like. It features Alicia Keyes covering in for the English vocals of the song. Both Kidjo and Keye’s voices complement each other, making it a great track. “Gimme Shelter” sees Kidjo collaborate with sultry Brit crooner Joss Stone to give a whole new take on the Rolling Stone’s classic. The reggae remake of the Stone’s classic is easily a favourite on the 15-track CD.“Papa Arouna”, “Awan N’La”, “Emma”, and “Mama Golo Papa” see more of Kidjo as there are no collaborators on this track.

You can also find an alternate version of the opening track “Ae Ae” by Senegalese musician Youssou N’Dour. Bonus on this track is “Leila”, a predominantly country track that again seamlessly blends with the African music. A definite must have for World Music lovers and others who want to get a taste of a different music culture.