Homoeo Call The virus borne disease can be effectively controlled by following a few basic steps and medication

The rains bring with them humidity, which is an ideal situation for many a virus to multiply. Amongst such an illness is the hand, foot and mouth disease.

The Coxsackie A 15 virus or the Enterovirus 71 are what cause hand, foot and mouth disease. It causes a fine rash and sores in the mouth, hands and the legs and also the lower back on some occasions. The virus usually spread through air when an affected person sneezes or nasal discharge. It can also spread when the skin rash is filled with pus. While children are most susceptible, adults are also likely to be affected. Symptoms usually range from a low or high grade fever followed by a sore throat that quickly spread inside the mouth and could turn into ulcers. These sores then spread to the hands and feet. These may look similar to chicken pox but are not necessarily painful.

A sore mouth may make the patient miserable and there could be difficulty in swallowing. The sores on the hands, feet and buttocks could break open sometimes and crust over. These blisters could get secondarily infected by bacteria if hygiene is not maintained.

The sore throat can be treated with cool fluids while staying away from colder things. Since spicy, oily and sour food could irritate sores, it is better to stay away from such foods. It is better to stay home, and in the case of children keep them away from school, to avoid spreading the disease. When applying moisturiser or any other cream to soothe the area, wear latex gloves. Ensure that you cover your mouth and nose while coughing and teach children to properly wash their hands after going to the washroom. Soiled clothes, bedding and towels of the patient should be washed separately in hot water.

Avoid sharing utensils and towels for a couple of weeks after the infection. Since the blisters when broken could ooze the infected fluid it is better to desist from doing so.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to see that the virus runs its course without causing any secondary problems while giving symptomatic relief. Hepar sulph, Merc sol, Ranunculus bulb and Kali mur help soothe sore throat. The pain if any is relieved by Ranunculus bulb, Aconite, Apis mel and Natrum mur . If there is fever it can be relieved by Ars alb, Phos, Eupa perf etc.



Stomach trouble

I am a 27-year-old working in a stressful job and have been eating only outside food for the past couple of years. I have developed a burning sensation in the stomach, belching and sour water coming into the mouth which gets worse every time I have a meal. abc

Avoiding oily, spicy and sour foods as much as possible while limiting the intake of stimulants like coffee and tea while desisting from alcohol and avoiding going to bed within an hour of a meal would help limit further damage to the lining of the stomach. Remedies like Nux vomica , China, Carbo veg will help relieve the problem while preventing in the due course of time. Consult a homoeopath.