Are you someone with multi-faceted interests? Tell us why and you might just be featured in The Hindu MetroPlus

What makes you popular and famous? Well, it’s not just who you are, but also what you do.

Think about it — how many of us have looked up to that one person in school or college who stood out thanks to his/her various interests?

Now, even  you  could be that person. If you have an interesting personality and like to dabble in different things.

Are you the kind who has various passions but end up not showcasing all of them at the workplace or with your friends?

Well, now is your chance to do exactly that. Announce to the world about your hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes.

Be vocal, be honest and explain why you’re as cool as you think you are.

It could be about anything - sport, movies, music and just anything else under the sun that adds a different dimension to your personality.

For, that’s what The Hindu Metroplus is all about. It makes you interesting.

The most exciting part is that the people with the most interesting profiles will be featured in the paper.

Write a note about yourself, within 300 words, and tell us what makes you interesting.

Don’t forget to attach a cool picture of yours.

Email us the profile and picture at metroplus.cbe