Be a superhero

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Get an awesome name: Names maketh a superhero. Google for a name (yes, very creative!). Of course, you could just sit where you are, use your super brain and think of a name. Don't go for the likes of Spiderman and Catwoman; try something different — Medusagirl or Unicornman (who can kill with his looks).

Suit up: After you decide on a name, it's time to get your superhero suit up and running! Make sure it fits you like a second skin (especially if you have a six pack to flaunt), has a load of gadgets attached to it or allows for your natural abilities to flourish. But remember to leave space for you to breathe. Otherwise, you might be the one who needs saving!

Marketing: What's the use of being a superhero when no one knows you? Get a marketing team or if you're as good a photographer as Peter Parker or you have sticky webs coming out of your wrists that can hold your camera still, click a few self-portraits. It would help if you have volunteers you could bash up in front of the camera. Soon, you'll be all over the news.

Story: There's a reason why a superhero becomes one. Superman is from Krypton, Batman had way too much money than he knew what to do with (oh, his parents were killed before his eyes, of course), Daredevil was blind and Spiderman was bitten by, well, a spider. The point is, you need a past. You could have an IQ of 180 (making you Brainman?) or be able to eat 25 pizzas at one go (Foodman?).

Love Interest: A superhero without his lady love is like a rose without its thorns er… petals. Find your own Lois Lane and fly her around your city (if you can only hop, hop her around the city. She might complain of a broken back later). The point is to woo her with your superhero powers. As a wise man once forgot to say, “With great power comes a great love life”.





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