be a corny girlfriend

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Space is a concept you haven't heard of. You don't let your boyfriend out of sight and are stuck to him like a baby koala to its mom.

Even your outfits are coordinated. By that I don't mean matching your bags to your shoes. If he is dressed in floral and animal prints in yellow, that's exactly what you have on too. Who cares about individuality anyway

You go to bed talking to him on the phone. Hanging up is the toughest part. “You hang up first, no you hang up first,” this goes on for a while and finally there is the “One, two, three” count and then you hang up in unison. What follows is eight hours (depending on your sleep pattern) of separation. Oh no! But don't worry you hassled soul, his photograph shall keep you company till dawn. Sigh, only snaps are not enough. So, go a step further and buy the fragrance he uses and spray it on his picture. Wow now it smells like him too. Then rest your head on the pink teddy bear he gifted you and dream about him, all the while humming “Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you…!”

You treasure ‘whatever' he gives you... including wrapping papers, gift boxes, brand tags… Oh and remember the tissue paper he used at the restaurant on your ‘Eleventh month anniversary'? Keep that safely in a red lacy box decorated with hearts.

Terms of endearment are a must. You have mushy pet names for him. Your phone has his name saved as “Honey bun sugar plum,” “Cup cake baby bum” or even “Bachcha” (irrespective of his size), accompanied by a soppy track, preferably “Nothings gonna change my love for you.” Ah! No wonder they say ‘Love is blind!'





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