Battle of love

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Tele-actor Achint Kaur
Tele-actor Achint Kaur

Seasoned actor Achint Kaur on "Ranbir Rano"

There is an insane rushof soap operas on theinnumerable televisionchannels. And ithas been long since peoplegot tired of glycerine tears.So, the channels are graduallymoving away from themuch hackneyed saas-bahusagas. One such attempt isZee TV daily Ranbir Rano(Shreya Productions) airedat 11 p.m. from Monday toThursday.

The love story set amidstthe greenery and vibrancyof Punjab is inspired fromthe epic love tales of Sohni-Mahiwal and Heer-Ranjha.It explores a love story thatgrows amidst class battleswhich still exists in Punjab.Actor Achint Kaur, whoportrays the role of PreetBehenji in the soap, saysthat though her role mayseem negative at first , shehas worked hard to let thecharacter remain grey andnot negative. In town topromote the serial, the artistewho has carved a nichefor herself with strong andbold roles like Banegi ApniBaat and Kitty Party, says,"The reason to choose theshow was because a lot ofpeople would be able to relateto it. The show carries amessage.

It speaks of the baggage alot of people carry in thename of culture, religionand rituals and how it cansometimes pose a threat forthe individual living withinthe society."

Having born and broughtup in a small town like Meerut,Achint can identifywith the conservative wayof living. Coupled with hersharp features, it helps hernot just in the essaying ofthe character but also lendscredibility to it. .

Having grown up idolisingsuperwomen like KiranBedi, she wants to spread amessage to all the women inthe country that they needto be confident and self-respecting.

And that's why, negativeor positive, her choices ofroles have always been ofwomen who are strong anddetermined, she sums up.





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