Event The annual day of the OSA of the Government College for Women will be held today on the college premises.On the occasion , Pooyam Thirunal Gouri Parvathi Bayi, secretary of the Association,goes down memory lane

Since I did all my schooling at home (although it was in strict accordance with the state syllabus) it was very exciting for me to go to college. Except for the examinations and for favour seekers at many levels, I enjoyed every moment of my college years. I served as the College union secretary and later as the College union chairperson. Those days college elections were held on a non-political basis.

Maybe it was because I enjoyed being part of all the activities in college – dancing, debates, even sport (badly) and teaching – that the Old Students’ Association [of the Government College for Women] stalwarts of the time roped me into the association. From the late sixties I have been actively involved as its secretary. In the early days I used to tread very carefully since all the other office-bearers were either my teachers or very much my seniors. The innate respect I had for my elders and my teachers evolved into deep affection and friendship. This I cherish as my reward for whatever I have done over the years for my college and the OSA.

We were able to do little deeds of good for our college. The starting of post-graduate courses in history and economics with their own building, the construction of a big open-air stage for celebrating the annual College Day (now alas! only a glorious memory) equipping and updating the library, health camps for the staff and students, institution of scholarships, raising funds for the College Centenary Fund and so on were some of the useful activities of the OSA. We must not forget the part played by our members when the National Accreditation Committee team came to inspect the college.

On the fun side, we have regular coming together of our members for meetings, games, picnics and cultural programmes. Age is no barrier when it comes to these gatherings. We have great grandmothers alongside last year’s students for all these activities. Be it for a paddle in the ocean or to tread the floorboards behind footlights, our members are ready and willing. We also have a lot of fun and take part for the sheer joy of being involved with our Alma Mater. Hopefully our audience will also enjoy watching us! Of course, we have tense moments and it is never easy to bring together a cast of 44 which is what we are doing today. The physical restriction of space and the chore of keeping the offstage cast quiet while the show is on is a nightmare. Still I would love to see more volunteers coming forward to take part in our programmes, especially in the coming year which will be the platinum jubilee of the OSA.