Get the details behind Operation Valkyrie, the plot to assassinate Hitler

“Operation Valkyrie” deals with the plot to kill Hitler. The film tells the story of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and the Valkyrie conspiracy to assassinate Hitler on July 20, 1944.

It features testimonials and eyewitness accounts from all the aristocratic families involved, including the last living conspirator to escape Hitler's wrath, and Countess von Stauffenberg who knew Claus all her life.

The documentary will be aired tomorrow at 10 p.m. on Fox History and Entertainment.

At 11.30 on December 2, 1942 the world's first nuclear chain reaction was successfully triggered in a squash court at the University of Chicago. Intelligence from Nazi Germany meant the race was on for the Nobel Prize winner, Enrico Fermi and his young team of gung-ho physicists, to kick start production of the world's first weapon of mass destruction.

“Days That Shook the World - First Nuclear Reaction and Chernobyl” gives a rare insight into the minds of the people who launched the atomic age.

On the eve of April 26, 1986, a routine test had been planned for the Chernobyl nuclear power station, but a series of human errors and multiple miscommunications led to the worst nuclear disaster the world has ever seen.

This episode of “Battling Terror” will be aired on Fox History and Entertainment on March 8 at 9 p.m.